Student Leaders

Young people are New Zealand’s greatest resource. This is why Karamu focuses on providing its students the knowledge, know how and the self confidence to eventually be high achievers in a modern New Zealand society. 

Karamu High School continues to gather momentum in the Hastings community by providing a full range of educational opportunities complimented by strong student leadership.

"One of our aims at Karamu High School is to provide authentic leadership opportunities for our senior students."

Michael Leitch 


Head Students

Heads2017 (large)

Left to Right: Reuben Lyndon (Deputy Head Boy), Holly Davison (Head Girl), Toby Hunter (Head Boy), Hannah Hemi?Robinson (Deputy Head Girl) 

Community Leaders 

Community 2017

Left to Right: Kate Jones, Shinae Lawrence, Josiah Barlow, Nathan Bryers, Liam Davies, Taiki Yoshino, Kassie Mercer

Sports Leaders 

Sport 2017

Left to Right: Phoebe Hinton, Mathew Lindsay, Michaela Horsefield

Cultural Leaders

Cultural 2017

 Left to Right: Harrison Keefe and Janine Kahukura

Performing Arts Leaders

Performing Arts 2017
 Left to Right: Niko Slade and Tate Gorton 

Academic Leaders

Academic 2017

Left to Right: Scarlett Garvey, Tayah?Daisy Coleman, Oliver Chamberlain, Bethany Cox, Ella McKay

House Leaders

House Leaders 2017

Left to Right: Jadah Elers, Gabriella Wilson, Liam Frost, Martha Wilson, Daniel O’Donoghue, Keelia Johnston, Kyle Burlace, Luke Sinclair, Dylan Huata?Lucas, Kody Giddens, Benjamin Revell, Ethan Hakopa, Emily Hammond, Bianca Southey, Ashleigh Clay?Nicol, Georgina McCallum