Karamu High School Benchmark Examinations

Download the Examiniation timetable here: 

Term 3 Exam Timetable Term 3 Exam Timetable

Senior Examinations – Notes for Students

  1. Check the timetable

  2. Check the timetable

  3. Morning Examinations START at 8.45am

    Afternoon Examinations START at 1.00pm

    Be outside the exam room 10 minutes before the start

  4. Line up in Subject classes and enter once directed.

    Once directed you are in exam conditions and must not talk, share equipment, attempt to communicate in anyway, turn around in your chair etc.

  5. Take in only the tools you need ie: Calculator, ruler, pens etc

  6. Bags are to be left in the Hall Foyer OR at the front of the Exam Room.

  7. The only other thing you may take in is water in a clear bottle. No food, no sweets, no cough lollies.

  8. Cellphones may be taken into the exam BUT they MUST be turned off and placed under the student’s chair for the duration of the exam.

  9. Students are expected to stay in the exam room for the duration of their exam. eg 1 hour for each paper.

    Students may not leave their exam in the first hour and the last 15 minutes

  10. Students must wear correct school uniform to all examinations, workshops & tutorials

  11. The Library and a designated room will available for students who wish to study at school. This room is indicated on the exam timetable and a copy is available

  12. Year 11 and 12 students who have an examination both morning and afternoon may not leave the school grounds in between the examinations.

  13. If you are unable to attend, your parents/caregivers must ring the school as per a normal absence.

  14. When not at school for an exam or a workshop you are expected to be at home studying. If we have evidence this is not possible we may not allow you the privilege of study leave at the end of the year.