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COVID-19 update 12 June 2020

Update 17

As we come to the end of Week 9 of Term 2 never did we imagine we would have travelled this road in 2020. So many new learnings have come from it and we will look through a different lens forever.

I cannot thankyou enough for your support and commitment in having your child return to school. I have been very impressed with our attendance and continue to be warmed by the way students and staff have embraced the challenges faced with empathy and compassion, yet still with learning at the core. 

It is still not too late for you to contribute to the Covid-19 Parent Survey. Thank you to the parents and caregivers that have already completed the survey to date. I will share your voice in our end of term newsletter but we would still like to hear from others that have not yet had an opportunity to complete it. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here: Survey 

Benchmark Examinations

Due to the impacts of Covid-19, especially regarding displaced teaching and learning time, we will be running NCEA Benchmark Examinations during normal class times.  This means they could run anytime from now until Term 4, instead of our traditional Week 3, Term 3 Benchmark Examination week.  

Benchmark Examinations are important for several reasons:  

  • Students get the opportunity to practise completing assessments in external examination conditions;
  • It provides teachers valuable information on student progress to better prepare them for the end of year external examinations; 
  • It can be used to generate a derived grade if circumstances prevent a student from sitting end of year examinations (there is an application process and eligibility criteria apply). 

It is important for students to attend regularly, engage in lessons, ask for help and revise to ensure the best grade is achieved in both Benchmark Examinations and internal assessments completed throughout the rest of the year. Absence at benchmarks will be managed according to the Ministry of Education attendance guidelines. 

Winter School – 8 & 9 July

Winter school is an opportunity for students to catch up on work in a supportive learning environment, with teacher assistance, digital resources and wifi accessibility.  This will run in the first week of the school holidays on Wednesday 8 July and Thursday 9 July from 9-3pm.  Students will be based in the library.  A letter will be sent out in Week 11 to let you know if your child would benefit from attending.  Students who are nominated are expected to attend.

Bus regulations under Alert Level 1 

Under Alert Level 1 we are still expected to keep accurate up to date bus lists for contact tracing.  Therefore, if your child decides to start using a bus to get to school, could you please let the office know in advance so we can ensure our lists stay as up to date as possible.  For the month of June:

  • hand sanitisers will be available for drivers and students to use as they board the vehicle.
  • vehicles and surfaces will be sanitised after each journey.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish you all an enjoyable weekend with whanau and friends.

Nga mihi nui

Dionne Thomas
Dionne Thomas

COVID-19 update 9 June 2020

Update 16

I am sure you were as pleased as I was to hear the Prime Minister’s announcement about moving to Covid-19 Alert Level 1.  For us, there will be only minor changes to what we are doing so our school continues to be safe to attend, including for any staff and children who are considered more vulnerable to COVID. We have a good cleaning routine in place, people who are sick are to continue to stay at home and we continue to encourage good hygiene practices.

We will however, for the remainder of this term be maintaining: 

  • Beginning of school form times every day;
  • Staggered finishing at the end of the day ie: 
  1. Year 9 and 10: finish at 2.50pm 
  2. Year 11-13: finish at 3pm 

These are timetable changes that have become ‘new’ routines and rather than make another timetable change we thought it was best to continue with these. They have also had added benefits of greater form teacher-student connection and better traffic/safety management at the end of the day, respectively.  

Students, however, will no longer be required to hand sanitize each lesson (even though it will still be available) or physically distance themselves from their peers in classes, assemblies and around the school. The drinking fountains will also now be available for use. 

We are supporting contact tracing by having QR code posters at our entrances – so if you haven’t already downloaded the NZ COVID Tracer app the Ministry of Health’s NZ-COVID Tracer app page has information to help you do that. 

We can now look forward to inter-school and community sport, cultural events and performances and to welcoming all our school community on site for these activities.  

Covid-19 Parent Survey 

Thank you to the parents and caregivers that have completed the survey to date. We would still like to hear from others that have not yet had an opportunity to complete the Covid-19 Parent Survey. Your voice will help us learn from your experiences during the lock-down period and give us a useful summary to assist us if we ever find ourselves having to return to Alert Level 3 or 4. 

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here: Survey  

As we have learnt by being together in this crisis we have emerged stronger together after it.  So should at anytime you have queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nga mihi nui

Dionne Thomas
Dionne Thomas

COVID-19 update 4 June 2020

NCEA Update

Tēnā koe,

I hope you and your whānau are well.

We know some of our students - and their whānau - are worried that they might not be able to attain NCEA or UE this year, because of the disruption caused by COVID-19.

To help address this and support students, the following changes are being made to NCEA and University Entrance (UE) requirements for this year:

  • Students working towards an NCEA can gain additional credits, based on the number of credits they achieve during the 2020 school year. These additional credits will be known as Learning Recognition credits. For every 5 credits a student achieves towards their NCEA either through internal or external assessment, they are entitled to an additional 1 credit. Students at NCEA Level 1 are eligible for up to a maximum of 10 additional credits while those at Levels 2 and 3 are eligible for up to a maximum of 8 additional credits.
  • Students will be awarded a certificate endorsement if they achieve 46 credits at Merit or Excellence level, rather than the usual 50. Students achieving 12 credits at Merit or Excellence level in a course – rather than 14 – will be awarded a course endorsement.
  • Current UE requirements have been reduced from 14 to 12 credits in three UE-approved subjects. Students still need to attain NCEA Level 3 and meet literacy and numeracy requirements to be awarded University Entrance.
  • External NCEA examinations and NZ Scholarship examinations will now take place from 16 November 2020 to 9 December 2020. This will provide extra time for teaching, learning and assessment in Term 4.
  • The submission date for subjects which require students to submit a portfolio (for example, Design and Visual Communications) has been extended to 12 November 2020, to give students more time to complete their portfolios.

These changes have been designed to encourage students to continue working towards their NCEA and to ensure that the NCEA attained this school year is just as valid as those earned in previous years.

If you have any queries about the changes, please contact DP-Curriculum Mr Aron Noble on [email protected] 

Nga mihi

Dionne Thomas

Dionne Thomas

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