Cultural activities at Karamū High School

Karamū High School has a long-standing tradition of performing arts across a range of disciplines. Cultural activities have a special place in developing an appreciation of the immense talent represented in the school.
All students are challenged to develop their talents as a part of a variety of ceremonial occasions and school performances. Pasifika, Kapa Haka, Dance, Drama, Music and Debating form the cornerstones of these cultural activities at Karamū High School. Events such as School Productions, House Music, Stage Challenge and Dance New Zealand competitions as well as a host of recitals and concerts are just a few of the many genuine opportunities for artists and performers to display these skills.


As well as Dance being offered as a subject at Year 9—13 there are a variety of co-curricular dance opportunities.  Dance styles offered in Karamū’s co-curricular Dance Programme include: Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Lyrical and Cultural Dance.
Karamū performs at the Dance New Zealand Made competition and always comes away with prizes for performance and choreography. Our dancers also feature in our successful Stage Challenge productions.
In addition there are also opportunities to be involved as chorus dancers in the School Production and the 'Karamū's Got Talent' Concert.


Speech competitions are actively promoted (Including Race Unity, Nga Manu Korero, ANZAC and Lions) and several debating teams are formed to allow students to demonstrate success in oral communication.


Drama is a popular course offered from Year 9—13, as well as a variety of co-curricular opportunities for students to find their inner ‘actor’.  Our performers feature in our successful Stage Challenge productions, Improv groups, as well as take acting opportunities in our bi-annual School Production. There are also opportunities to be involved in set construction, sound, lighting, makeup and other ‘back stage’ contributions.

Kapa Haka

Karamū’s Kapa Haka group is made up of a keen group of Junior and Senior students. They perform at Assemblies, welcome visitors to the school, represent Karamu at the annual Secondary Schools’ Kapa Haka Festival, support our speakers at the Regional Nga Manu Korero Speech Contest and perform at events in our local community.


We provide a very full Music programme at Karamū.  Enjoyment and extension for all students is our main aim in Music.  Our students achieve a very high standard of performance.  All of our Music groups perform a variety of music styles.  Year 9 and 10 students are an important part of all Music groups at Karamū.

Music Groups

To develop students’ vocal ability we offer a range of choirs and vocal groups.  In addition we have a range of other musical groups such as: Orchestra, Chamber Groups (to suit the students’ ability), Rock Bands, a Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Ensembles and Piano performance opportunities.

Music Events

Music Tours, Music Festival, Choral Festival competitions, Chamber Music competitions, Rock Band competitions, various School Performances, Community Performances and School Productions.

Instrument Tuition

Tuition is available, from qualified  music tutors, in voice, piano and a wide range of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments.  Some instruments are available for hire.


Our Pasifika groups are from the Philippines, Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands and Fiji. They are made up of both Junior and Senior students, performing at Assemblies, Cultural Evenings, language weeks and at events in our local community.