Information About NCEA

Karamū High School Policy

The Karamū High School Policy details and key facts about NCEA have been put together in a booklet  -NCEA for Parents and Students. This is available at the link below

Senior Assessment Procedures for NCEA 2023

NCEA guide for students/caregivers and whānau 2024

NCEA guide 2024

Applying for an Extension for Internal Assessments

The Karamū High School Extension Form can be used to apply for extension of time for some internal assessments provided the reasons is genuine, fits within the NZQA guidelines and does not disadvantage other students

Application for Extension

Appeal NCEA Processes and Grades

Students have the opportunity to appeal an assessment result (which they believe is not a fair or accurate record of their work), a missed assessment and a breach of the rules. Students need to submit a Karamū High School Appeal Form within one week of getting their results back. 

Appeals Form

Further  information about NCEA at Level One, Two and Three and Scholarship, can be found on the NZQA Website.  This well laid out site explains how NCEA works and how to use NCEA after leaving school.

For more information visit the NZQA Website

NCEA Examination Timetable


The Studyit website is a great resource to assist students with NCEA. This website provides an open forum for questions and answers, discussion and help.

Studyit is a web site run by the Ministry of Education. Studyit does not replace teachers, schools or textbooks but provides free additional support online for Mathematics, Science and English NCEA students at night, in the weekends and in the holidays it also provides examination advice.

For information visit the website: