Our People of Karamu High School

The Senior Leadership Team

Mrs D Thomas

To contact the Principal
Mrs Dionne Thomas

The Principals PA
Mrs Viv Hantler
Phone:+64 06 878 7139
Email [email protected]

To contact the Deputy Principal
Student Management
Mr Troy England

Phone: +64 06 878 7139
Email: [email protected]


To contact the Deputy Principal
Curriculum & Assessment
Ms Sarah Gunn

Phone: +64 06 878 7139
Email: [email protected]

Mr D Hollands

To contact the Deputy Principal
Staff & Administration
Mr Damien Hollands

Phone: +64 06 878 7139
Email: [email protected]

Year Level Deans

At Karamu High School, our year level Deans play an important role in the pastoral care of your child.  Our year level Deans are listed below for your information.  Please email your son’s/daughter’s Dean or phone 878 7139 and leave a message.

Mrs T Crawford

Year 9

Mrs Tash Crawford
[email protected]

Mr M Fleming

Year 9

Mr Micheal Fleming
[email protected]

Mrs R Love

Year 10

Mrs Rebecca Love
[email protected]

Mr B Crawford

Year 10

Mr Byron Crawford
[email protected]

Miss J Primmer

Year 11

Miss Jasmine Primmer
[email protected]

Mr J Kite

Year 11

Mr Justin Kite
[email protected]

Mrs K Christian

Year 12

Mrs Kirsty Christian
[email protected]

Mrs A Dudman

Year 13

Mrs Angela Dudman
[email protected]

Mr T Blake

Year 13

Mr Tom Blake
[email protected]

Karamu High School Board of Trustees


The current Board of Trustee members as of 2022 are:

  • Nicholas Richards
  • Jonathan Marks
  • Cate Alizzi (Staff Trustee)
  • Dionne Thomas (Principal)
  • David de Lange (Board Chair)
  • Viv Hantler (Board Secretary)
  • Esta Chaplin (Student Trustee)
  • Tineke Tuala-Fata
  • Grant Russell

    To contact the Board Secretary email: [email protected] - Viv Hantler (Board Secretary)

Karamu High School Staff - 2021

JonestrophyJones Family Trophy Nominations


Senior Leadership Team

  • Principal: Mrs D Thomas, M.Ed Admin & Lead, B.Ph.Ed, Dip.Tchg
  • Deputy Principal: Mr D Hollands, B.Desn, Dip.Tchg
  • Deputy Principal: Ms S Gunn, B.Hort Sc, Grad Dip.Tchg
  • Deputy Principal: Mr T England B.Ph.Ed, Dip.Tchg (starts Monday 7 November)

Head Of Faculties

  • Arts - Mrs K Van Rijk, B.A, Grad.Dip.Tchg
  • English - Mrs A Price, B.B.S, Dip.Tchg
  • Enhanced Learning - Mrs R Tiuka, B.Ed
  • Health and Physical Education - Mr G P Ross, B. Ph.Ed, Dip.Tchg
  • Languages - Ms J Veen, B.A, Dip.Tchg
  • Mathematics - Mr K May, B.Sc, Dip.Tchg
  • Science - Mr R McDade, B.Sc (Hons), P.G.C.E
  • Social Sciences - Miss H Glenny, B.A, Grad.Dip.Tchg
  • Technology - Miss M Calkoen, B.Arch.(Hons), Grad.Dip.Tchg (on-leave)

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs K Beaumont, B.A, B.Ed, P.G.C.E - Y12/13 Kaiārahi
  • Mr K Beaumont, B.Sc (Hons)., Dip.Tchg
  • Miss A Blake, B.Spt, Grad.Dip.Tchg - Y10 Kaiārahi
  • Mr T Blake, B.Ed.Tchg - Sports Coordinator - Year 13 Dean
  • Mrs J Burn, B.Desn (Hons), Grad.Dip.Tchg - Asst HoF Technology
  • Mr A Bush, B.CA, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr B Callow, B.Bus, Grad.Dip.Tchg
  • Ms K Christian, B.A, Dip.Ed - Year 12 Dean
  • Mrs A Cooper, B.Mus, B.Sc, Grad.Dip.Tchg - Asst HoF Arts
  • Miss S Cornelius, M.Ed, B.Tch, B.Sc CIS - (on leave until Jan 2023)
  • Mr B Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 10 Dean
  • Mrs N Crawford, Dip.Tchg - Year 9 Dean
  • Mr C Cummins, M.A, Dip.Aud.Eng, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr G Davies, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg
  • Miss J Dawson, B.Desn, Dip.Tchg
  • Miss J Danby, B.Sc (Tech), MTchgLn
  • Mrs A Dudman, B.A, Dip.Tchg - Year 13 Dean
  • Mr J Donaldson, B.A, PG.Dip.Arts, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr D Fabian, M.Sc, M.Arts in Educ, B.Ed
  • Mrs P Ferguson, B.A, Dip.Tchg 
  • Mr M Fleming, NZ Dip SS, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr S Glasier, B.A, Dip.Tchg, Cert TESOL
  • Miss M Gray, B.Sc, MTchgLn
  • Mr J Herbert, B.Sc, Dip.Tchg
  • Mrs H Horrocks, B.Sc, Cert Exercise Sc, Dip.Tchg
  • Mrs J Hunter, B.Ph.Ed, Dip.Tchg, Grad Cert Career Development
  • Mr T Hunter, B.A, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr M Jamieson, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr J Kite, B.VAD, Grad.Dip.Tchg - Year 11 Dean
  • Mrs R Love, B.A, Grad.Dip.Tchg - Year 10 Dean, Asst HoF Maths
  • Mrs F McDonald, B.A, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr J Matthews, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg - Asst HoF Science
  • Ms E Miller-Matcham, B.A, Grad.Dip.Tchg
  • Mr N R Moir, B.Sc, Dip.Ed.Studs, Dip.Tchg
  • Mrs S Moran, B.Sc, M.Research Biological Sciences, P.G.C.E (on-leave)
  • Mr D Murdoch, B.Sc, Dip.Ed
  • Mr K Parker, Dip.Tchg
  • Mrs R Poirier, B.A, PG.Dip.Ed - Asst HoF English
  • Miss J Primmer, B.RS, Dip.Tchg - Year 11 Dean - Asst HoF Health and Physical Education
  • Mr B Reay, B.Sc, Dip.Tchg
  • Ms V Redwood, B.A, Dip.Tchg
  • Mr B Roberts, B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc MTEL
  • Mrs A Rogers, Advanced National Cert Carpentry, Grad.Dip.Tchg
  • Mr M Rolls, M.SW, Registered Social Worker - School Counsellor
  • Mr R Stephens, B.SocSci, Dip.Tchg
  • Ms A Strickland, B.A., Grad.Dip.Tchg
  • Mr D Taylor, Dip.Tchg
  • Mrs T Taylor, B.A, Dip.Tchg - Asst HoF Social Science, SCT
  • Mr B Tetley, B.Min, N.Z.C.E (Mech Eng), Grad.Dip.Tchg
  • Ms S Tuaoi, B.DanceSt (Hons), Dip.Tchg - Y9 Kaiārahi
  • Ms A Walter, B.Sc, B.Ed
  • Mr B Wardrope, B.Arts, Dip.Tchg
  • Mrs W Wardrope, B.Ed, Grad.Cert.TEAL
  • Mr T Willis, B.Comm, Grad Dip Arts, M.Tchg  - Y11 Kaiārahi
  • Ms C Woodhall, B.A, Grad.Dip.Tchg - (on-leave)
  • Ms P Woodmass, B.Tchg
  • Mr J Wright, B.VAD, Nat.Cert Carpentry, Grad.Dip.Tchg  - (on-leave) 

Extra Curricular Music Staff

  • Mr D Boston, B.A, L.T.C.L.(Perf), A.I.R.M,T, - Guitar, Electric Bass
  • Mrs H Baker - Cello
  • Mr A Della Barca - Voice
  • Mrs C Della Barca – Director of Choral Programme
  • Mrs M McHattie, Dip.Tchg, A.I.R.M.T - Flute
  • Ms S Rutgers - Piano
  • Mrs N Smith, B.A, LTCL, STCL, IRMT - Violin & Viola

Support Staff

  • Mrs K Baker - Administration/Canteen
  • Mrs J Birch - Administration/Canteen
  • Mr S Carnie - Teacher Aide
  • Mrs P Coppell - Teacher Aide, Music Administrator
  • Mrs A Fraser - Library
  • Mrs K Grapes - Administration/Careers
  • Mrs F Gray - Receptionist/Cashier
  • Mrs J Harrison, Dip.DigitalMedia - Office Administrator
  • Mrs V Hantler - Principal’s PA
  • Ms Phoebe Hinton, B.A, Sports Develop & Mgmt - Teacher Aide
  • Ms K Locker-Lampson, Dip.SLI  - Interpreter 
  • Miss S Maui - Teacher Aide
  • Mr R McLaren - Groundsman
  • Mrs E Mendez Weiss, B.Nutrition - Lab Technician
  • Miss N Messer, Dip.Rehab, Dip.Pysch, Div.Therapy - Teacher Aide
  • Mr R Poulgrain - Caretaker
  • Mrs M Radley - Accounts Clerk
  • Ms C Siebert, B.A (NZSL) - Interpreter
  • Mr M Strickland, N.Z.C.E. (Ele Eng) - IT Manager
  • Mrs L Tetley - Teacher Aide
  • Mrs K Treneman - Office Administration

School Details

We can be found on the Corner Grove Road and Windsor Avenue in Hastings

Postal Address

P.O. Box 346
Hastings, 4156

Phone: + 64 6 878 7139
Fax: + 64 6 878 7937
Absence Line: +64 6 870 6143
Email: [email protected]


For directions to the school, we are easily found using Google Maps.